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The World's Premier Provider of Webcasting and Transcription Solutions


In a nutshell, we make a software platform for servers that enables legislatures worldwide to digitally record, stream and publish audio, video and written records. These recordings are used to create the official records for governments and sitting bodies. Our turnkey Harmony Hub solution automates the ingestion, publication and management of massive volumes of content so that legislatures can deliver this content to desktop and mobile devices used by their stakeholders and constituents worldwide.

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Painless Webcasting

Our turnkey Harmony Hub platform seamlessly streams and records audio and video to mobile and fixed clients. Finding content is a breeze through our web-based program guide and both live and on-demand access to a vast variety of devices is standard. Indexes can be added manually, imported or piped in programmatically from existing systems to take full advantage of existing data.

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As an optional part of our Harmony Hub solution, tools are provided for written journals production. In some cases this is as simple as a traditional minutes/agenda format. In others, especially in the Commonwealth legislatures, verbatim transcripts are produced by a team using our SliqScribe workflow accelerator. Harmony Hub seamlessly links the journals to the recordings during publishing for simple and powerful indexed access to long recordings.

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White Glove Service

All companies claim excellent service and we're no exception. There is however a difference when you look under the hood. Our pre- and post-sales service includes a dedicated representative who knows your account and environment inside and out. We have clear and precise SLAs and escalation processes so that you'll have a helping hand in the rare occasion that something goes wrong. Our performance is objectively measured through service reviews and performance data — we'd love to show you why we're always in the top percentile.

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Since 1999 we have been servicing the most prestigious legislatures in the world with a laser focus on quality. Our focus is exclusively on legislative media workflows and specific pains that go along with them so we can provide specialized skills and knowledge that other vendors can't. Would you use a pair of scissors to mow your lawn? Probably not, but many legislatures are stuck with legacy tools built for courts, municipalities and school boards. They end up calling nameless call center drones when things go sideways and guess what, frustration ensues. Unfortunately, this is an-all-too familiar story and the upside is that it makes our job of convincing you that much easier. We're small, responsive, specialized, fierce and proud of our unique culture. Go ahead and drop us a line — we'd be thrilled to help.